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Horse Care - 100% natural and gentle to horses' skin

Why only natural grooming should be carried out on horses

Horses' skin is a sophisticated and sensitive system. It should always stay in balance to be healthy. If too many environmental toxins and unnatural influences from the outside attack horses' skin, it can lead to disorders and thus to minor or major skin diseases. That is why natural care is so important to us.


Horses' skin and how it works: It is basically like a clock.  Every cog intermeshes perfectly. The skin is a barrier between the horse and external influences acting as  a door to bacteria and fungus. The skin of a horse can indicate whether its metabolism is in good order or if the stomach and intestines are working properly.

The three main layers of the skin: the skin is built up in layers. The better the individual layers work, the fewer chances diseases will have.

Under the fur is called the epidermis. It protects the horse from outside influences. Then there is the dermis. It complements the epidermis and houses, amongst other things, the hair roots of the horse.

The last layer is the subcutis. Many of the sweat glands of the horse are located here.  The different layers of skin work closely together. They are like a protective layer internally and externally. That is why natural grooming is so important to us at MagicBrush.

Good care - what does this mean: Water is the best cleaning product. In addition to this, natural oils and biodegradable surfactants. Skin-friendly aloe vera, berry oils, nut oils and vitamins such as B6 complex can help fight against inflammation. MagicBrush has consciously developed a range of products that includes these ingredients. Our products are free from silicon, parabens and petroleum.

In the fur gloss spray "Care&Shine Fruit Surprise" by MagicBrush, there is, for example, only water, natural oils such as macadamia nut oil and berry oils, a bit of alcohol so that the water and oils can blend well together, That's it! “Sensitive” contains, aloe vera and toucan with almond oil.

The same applies to the shampoos "Wash&Shine" by MagicBrush - they also take care of the skin without problems. "Paradise" for example, uses an extra portion of almond oil, "Fruit and Surprise" has various berry oils, toucan with almond oil and "Sensitive" soothes the skin with aloe vera. A super plant found in many natural cosmetics. These products include vegan silk, which nourishes and protects the skin in the long run with their natural proteins. It is new and innovative - specially produced by MagicBrush for soft, vegan care. Vegan silk is PH-neutral, therefore harmonising towards the balance of the skin.

Conventional care products can harm the horse

Many traditional fur gloss sprays and shampoos are manufactured with chemical substances which in the long run are not good for the skin of horses such as parabens, aromas and silicones or petroleum-based ingredients.

These substances are generally cheaper in production  to natural ingredients and oils. Long term, these products accumulate in the skin and can thus cause irritation, allergies or dander. This is a burden to the skin's natural metabolism. 

Mosh and Moah, for example, are two carbon compounds, which can be found in petroleum-based care products. A bit is actually allowed - even if studies repeatedly point out that they are probably carcinogenic. They gradually accumulate in the body, causing damage to health in the long run.

Just like silicones, they let horse hair look beautifully soft and smooth at first. However in the long term, they stick to the hair and burden it. In addition, they burden the skin and damage the important skin's metabolic balance.

Natural care is the essential thing

Horse skin has a natural layer of fat, which we should not wash off the horse. Therefore, all Shampoo products from the "Wash&Shine" series have no silicones, because they irritate the skin and in the long term can harm the healthy skin of the horse. They have no aromas because they can cause allergies. They also have no parabens or hydrocarbon compounds because they are considered unhealthy and probably carcinogenic. The natural oils in our fur gloss sprays and shampoos benefit horse skin and horse fur, without burdening them.
Note: Horse hair and horse skin react differently with natural shampoos. The hair does not feel quite as smooth after application as it does with the shampoos with silicones. You may have to do a bit more combing as they do not last as long on the horse but that is good because it shows that the natural skin care products do not burden skin and hair.

A final tip: If you try something new on a horse, you should always try it out on a small spot first. This spot should not be an area used whilst riding. If the horse has an allergic reaction to one of the contained substances, there would be friction. Allergies can always occur; just as some people are allergic to strawberries or nuts, horses can also have allergies. 

Just spray and rub in the care product on one spot just for a few days. If there is no allergic reaction, it can be applied to the whole horse safely. Do not apply to the saddle and harness areas. This applies to all care products. Due to friction when riding, it is best if your horse stays clear of products in these two areas.


Change of Coat

Twice a year the time comes: in autumn and in spring. The change of coat for winter starts. The horses get an undercoat for the winter, so they can survive the cold winter well and lose it, so they do not have to sweat in the summer. Change of coat on the horse means the horse's body works! But the good news is that we can really help our horses.


So - now the change of coat is in full swing. Above all, you can help with your cleaning brushes. Really! Your horse will love you for it.

Clean! Clean! Clean!

You can brush and massage your horse. As the skin also surrounds itself with the hair. Your horse has more dandruff and itches more. That is what your MagicBrush is best for. It has a massaging effect your horse will love. First remove with the smooth bottom the undercoat. Then you can massage and scratch with the acupuncture bristles and make your horse happy.

In addition, the cleaning also stimulates blood circulation and this in turn is conducive to the change of coat.

What exactly happens during the change of coat?

One way or the other: The hair flies around while cleaning - on you, on the floor and around the plush and hairry  horse. This itches your horse and is exhausting for the organism. Because the hair must be re-formed, that happens only under the skin and then they sprout slowly towards the surface. The horse's body then starts various metabolic change processes. Before the first hair falls, for example, the horse has already formed ready-made new hair. For this reason, the horse needs all the important nutrients. So you should also pay attention to good feeding: Your horse is busy just now doing the right thing. With the new hair, the coat and the conversion. It's best to give him immune system boosters such as rose hips (vitamin C), zinc (for skin metabolism) and healthy herbs. Detoxifying natural treasures such as milk thistle or black cumin, for example, just times from December to March. The change of coat is simply exhausting. That's why it can lead more to colds or cough. The coat itself

Hair is something very fascinating. It costists of a follicle and the hair itself. They are tied over small muscles under the skin, so they are mobile. For example, your horse can set it up when it gets cold in the winter.

The amount of coat varies - depending on the way the horse is kept and breed. If your horse is in the open stable all year round, it usually acquires more hair than in the box stalls. A pony usually has more coat than a warm-blooded animal.

It is important to know that the horse's body is really sophisticated. So you should only cover it if your horse really freezes. Otherwise you may disturb your horse's thermoregulation - in other words, it does not develop enough hair because the blanket replaces the heat. The change of coat from winter to summer coat is more exhausting anyway. The horses have less access to minerals and vitamins in the winter - they need to get rid of their undercoat and this is simply exhausting. Especially older horses have more problems with the change of coat than younger ones. There also you can help the horse by extensive brushing throughout the exhausting time. Now grab your MagicBrush and scrub your horse really happy!

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