MagicBrush leather care products offer you everything you need to care for your leather items.

With MagicBrush you have the perfect solution for the care of your leather products. Leather items are an investment and should be treated accordingly. With the right products and the right care, your leather items will stay beautiful and well-maintained for longer. Whether saddle, boots or other smooth leather goods, MagicBrush leather care cleans, maintains and greases your leather easily and quickly. This way, your leather items stay clean and well cared for longer and also look good.

MagicBrush Lederpflege 3in1
MagicBrush Leather Care 3in1

For everyone who wants to clean and care for their smooth leather simply and quickly!
MagicBrush Lederöl Premium
MagicBrush Leather Oil Premium

The suitable care product for bridles, saddles, boots and all smooth leather goods.
MagicBrush Lederfett
MagicBrush Dubbin

Protects leather from moisture, mould and breakage and makes it durable.
MagicBrush Lederöl-Spray
MagicBrush Leather Oil Spray

Leather oil protects leather from drying out and hinders the penetration of moisture and UV radiation.
MagicBrush Sattel- und Lederseife
MagicBrush Saddle and leather soap

Removes even the most stubborn stains and makes the leather wonderfully supple.