New: Magic care for devoted paws - discover the world of dog care with MagicBrush

Regular grooming of our beloved dog is crucial for his well-being and health.

MagicBrush has now developed a brand-new care series - especially for dogs. 

Give your loyal companion a regular bath with specially formulated dog shampoos from MagicBrush. This keeps the coat clean and healthy. With the MagicBrush Bathing Brush for wet cleaning, grooming becomes a pleasure. High-quality fur brushes and combs also provide your dog with a pleasant massage.  Brushing and combing untangles the hair, promotes blood circulation to the skin and gives the coat a silky shine. Regular claw trimming is important to avoid injuries and pain. MagicBrush offers suitable claw trimmers and scissors for the care of the dog's paws.

Hund in der Badewanne mit MagicBrush Badebürste


MagicBrush dog shampoos pamper your dog with scent and care

The wonderfully scented dog shampoos from MagicBrush are a true pampering treatment for all types of coats, whether light or dark. Enriched with nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera and jojoba oil, they bind moisture in the skin, strengthen hair growth and make grooming easier. The dog shampoos revitalise the coat and make your dog feel clean and comfortable all over. Simply fill the Bathing Brush with the Dog Shampoo of your choice and let the foamy bathing fun begin.
Hund bekommt die Krallen gekürzt mit der MagicBrush Krallenschere


Knot-free, silky hair and healthy, well-groomed claws with MagicBrush

MagicBrush offers a wide range of high-quality tools for your dog's perfect hair and claw care. The Nail Cutter with its high-quality stainless-steel blade and cut limiter reduces the risk of cutting the claws too short and injuring your dog. Nail Trimmers allow safe and precise shortening of the claws. In addition, the Coat Shears offers excellent cutting and shaping of the hair for any type of coat. The blade is made of extra-hardened stainless steel. The rounded tips of the scissors avoid injuries to the skin.
Hund genießt eine Bürstenmassage mit der Hundebürste MagicBrush Dog soft


Relaxing massage and a shiny, soft coat thanks to MagicBrush dog brushes

For your dog's daily coat care, you can choose between the classic plastic brush and the soft version made of soft Quadro bristles. In addition, the Soft Slicker Brush and the Double Brush help to remove loose hair and dirt and to loosen tangles. The Fur Comb makes it easier to untangle the hair and also loosens light tangles. The Underwool Comb removes loose and dead coat hair from the undercoat. This way, your dog's coat always stays well-groomed and healthy.
Hund mit MagicBrush Pflegetasche und allen Hundepflegeptodukten von MagicBrush
With the practical MagicBrush Care Bag, storing grooming products is easy - everything has its place, from brushes and combs to shampoos and clippers. The MagicBrush Care Bag has a golden look - matching the new MagicBrush dog grooming products.