The colourful variety of MagicBrush horse brush sets

Make your horse shine with the colourful horse brushes from MagicBrush. The MagicBrush horse brushes are available in different collections in bright colours. Healthy skin is essential for healthy hair. Especially during the coat change of horses, regular brushing is therefore important to support the health of your horse. Thanks to the high-quality bristles and the ergonomic design, the coat brush is particularly gentle and effective. The coat becomes shiny and soft and the horse feels good all around.
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MagicBrush Pferde Bürstenset Jellyfish in blau, türkis und pink

NEW: Brush Set Jellyfish

For a radiant, well-groomed coat: The set consists of two classic MagicBrush brushes in the exclusive Jellyfish design and a soft brush for the sensitive areas on the head and neck. MagicBrush Jellyfish brush set is suitable for grooming the body, head, leg and hoof.
MagicBrush Bürstenset Classic

Brush Set Classic

A real all-rounder: whether for coat, legs or hooves, for dry or wet cleaning, during coat changes or for cleaning saddle pads and blankets - the MagicBrush Classic is always the first brush of choice. It cleans particularly effectively and at the same time has a pleasant massage effect.
MagicBrush PINK PONY Bürstenset

Horse brush PINK PONY

PINK PONY does not just look good, it lets the horse and rider properly shine out. The special bristles massage while brushing - so the horses are clean and feel comfortable all over. MagicBrush PINK PONY is also ideal used as a sweat knife and frees the saddle blanket from horse hairs.
MagicBrush Soft Bürste für empfindliche Stellen am Pferd

Horse brush Soft

MagicBrush Soft is the care and cuddling brush, that is ideal for the particularly sensitive areas of horses and ponies, such as head and ears. Even highly sensitive horses and ponies enjoy care with the new MagicBrush Soft.
MagicBrush Bag Unicorn

MagicBrush Bag Unicorn

MagicBrush is expanding its collection with the practical MagicBrush Bag Unicorn. With the quality Unicorn print in rich fuchsia, the new MagicBrush Bag Unicorn is a fashionable must-have for every young rider.