How to groom your horse properly: The ultimate grooming products for coat care!

As a horse owner, you want to make sure that your darling is both healthy and happy. With the right care products from MagicBrush, you can help keep your horse comfortable and his coat looking shiny and healthy. Our coat shine spray, cleansing lotion, horse shampoo and skin care balm are all specially formulated to meet your horse's needs. You will see how much difference the right care can make.
Find out about MagicBrush care products.
MagicBrush Fellglanzspray ManeCare Premium Edition

Coat Gloss Spray Premium Edition

Extraordinary fragrance mixtures, paired with maximum effect, protect the coat, make it shine silky and make the long hair particularly easy to comb.
MagicBrush Fellglanzspray ManeCare

Coat Gloss Spray ManeCare

Coat shine spray and long hair conditioner in one for a beautiful mane makes combing easier and gives the coat a silky shine for many hours.
MagicBrush Reinigungslotion EasyCare

MagicBrush Cleaning Lotion EasyCare

For cleaning in between or before tournaments. Spray on, leave to act for a short time and wipe off with a dry cloth, ready! For a well-groomed horse from head to hoof.
MagicBrush Hautpflegebalsam SkinCare

MagicBrush Balm SkinCare

Stressed and itchy skin caused by a wide variety of environmental factors finds help in the new care balm for horses. The special formula absorbs quickly, is non-greasy and provides long-lasting, intense care!
MagicBrush Pferdeshampoo mit Weizenproteinen

Horse shampoo with wheat proteins

Gentle horse shampoo made from high-quality ingredients for cleaning and caring for mane, tail and coat. Contains wheat proteins for silky shine, easy combing and intact, healthy skin!
MagicBrush Kühlgel Equifresh

Cooling Gel Equifresh for horse and rider

Cools and refreshes tired legs, tendons, joints and muscles for horse and rider. Apply immediately after training or riding. It is rapidly absorbed and leaves no residue in the coat.