The best tips for perfect hoof care

To maintain your horse's health, hoof care is particularly important in addition to coat care. We offer you the best hoof care with MagicBrush care products for your horse! Our hoof oil, hoof grease and hoof scratch are made from natural ingredients and have a positive effect on the health of the horse's hooves.

Important tips for horse health and hoof care:

1. Scratch out hooves regularly
Whether you ride your horse or not, healthy hooves are important. Scrape out the hooves and remove small stones daily. If you neglect to do this, the stones can press and the sole of the hoof can become inflamed. This will help you to recognise injuries in time. 

2. Hoof checks at regular intervals
Hooves are constantly growing. Always have your horse's hooves trimmed by professionals such as a farrier or hoof trimmer. it depends on whether your horse is shod or not. Shod horses should get new shoes every six weeks. Unshod horses should get new shoes every two to four months. Depending on the quality of the horn. 

3. Hoof oil and hoof fat
For softened hooves, regular greasing and oiling will help. For healthy hooves, it is better to avoid hoof grease. Hoof oil and hoof fat close the pores in the hoof horn. This stops the important exchange of moisture. Too frequent oiling or greasing can therefore severely dry out the tissue. If your horse stands all day in contaminated hay or mud, the use of hoof care products is beneficial. 

4. Hygiene in the stable
Keep the stable as clean as possible. Dry bedding helps to prevent the ammonia in urine and faeces from attacking the hooves. Bacteria could otherwise settle in the smallest cracks in the hoof. This can lead to serious hoof diseases such as thrush.
Care for your horses' hooves with MagicBrush
MagicBrush Hufpflege

Hoof oil Premium

The high-quality MagicBrush hoof oil Premium with growth-promoting bay oil protects the hoof from drying and becoming brittle. The hooves get a cared-for and healthy appearance and are optimally protected against external influences when used daily.
MagicBrush Huföl Premium

Hoof Fat

MagicBrush hoof fat consists of plant oils, natural waxes and bay extract. It protects the hoof from drying and the hooves get a cared-for and healthy appearance. The hoof horn remains supple and breathable, the hoof is  nourished and retains its natural glossiness.
MagicBrush Hufkratzer WaterLily

Hoof pick WaterLily

The product is made of sustainably produced plastic. With up to 60% recycled material in the plastic (PP) and additional use of up to 55% rice and straw fibres. The MagicBrush hoof pick contains a metal scraper and a cleaning brush with 3 cm bristle length.