Natural MagicBrush horse brushes made of beech wood

Logo German Wood Let your horse shine with the care products from MagicBrush. Thanks to the high-quality bristles and the ergonomic design, the brush is particularly gentle and effective. The coat becomes shiny and soft and the horse feels comfortable all around.

MagicBrush Kombi-Pferdebürste
MagicBrush Combi Horse Brush

The optimum horse brush with the 2in1 function: cleans and shines. the 5 cm long and flexible bristles penetrate deep into the coat and ensure an extraordinary result. The MagicBrush shape fits perfectly in your hand.
MagicBrush Holzbürste für Pferde
MagicBrush Horse Hair Finishing Brush

The natural horse brush provides the ultimate shine effect! The brush back is made from beech wood treated with oil. The horsehair head provides moisture and perfect shine.
MagicBrush Holzbürste für Pferde
MagicBrush Cleaning Brush coarse

The natural coat cleaning brush for thorough (pre-) cleaning! The Arenga head is perfect for coarse dirt on legs, hooves and less sensitive areas of the body and cleans thoroughly without compromise.
MagicBrush Holzbürste
MagicBrush Cleaning Brush soft

The natural coat cleaning brush for sensitive contemporaries! the fibre head retrieves loose hair, dust and dirt out of the coat and cleans gently yet thoroughly.