How to protect and care for your horse with eczema: MagicBrush skin care balm SkinCare

Causes of skin irritation on horses

There are various reasons why horses can sometimes become sore and develop eczema. Here are some possible causes:
  1. Insect bites and allergies: Horses can be sensitive to insect bites, especially mosquitoes and horse flies. These bites can cause itching and discomfort, leading to increased rubbing. Some horses may also be allergic to certain plants or substances in the environment.
  2. Skin parasites: Skin parasites such as mites or lice can also cause itching and rubbing. These parasites can cause various skin conditions, known as dermatitis.
  3. Incorrect equipment: Chafing can also be caused by incorrectly fitted or poorly maintained equipment such as saddles, girths, or halters. Friction and pressure can cause skin irritation.
  4. Dry skin: Dry skin can be itchy and irritating. This can be caused by environmental factors such as dry weather or inadequate care. 
Ein Mann pflergt ein braunes Pferd mit MagicBrush Hautpflegebalsam SkinCare

What preventive measures are there to prevent eczema?

The following measures can be taken to combat these problems:
  1. Insect defence: Use effective insect repellents or blankets to protect your horse from insect bites.
  2. Regular grooming: Regular brushing and washing of the horse will help to remove parasites and dirt. Be sure to use mild grooming products to avoid further irritating the skin.
  3. Appropriate equipment: Ensure that equipment fits correctly and is well cared for to minimise chafing and pressure points.
  4. Veterinary examination: If problems persist, a vet should be consulted to make an accurate diagnosis. This is particularly important if an allergic reaction, a skin infection, or other more serious problems are suspected.


How to treat eczema and skin irritations

Important: As a preventative measure, regularly apply a skin care balm specially formulated for stressed and itchy horse skin, such as MagicBrush SkinCare. Simply apply it to the irritated skin and massage in briefly. This can play a decisive role in the health and well-being of horses.
Ein Ekzem-belastetes Pferd bekommt den MagicBrush SkinCare Balsam am Schweif aufgetragen
Before treatment with MagicBrush SkinCare balm.
Braunes Pferd mit Ekzem am Schweif
Braunes Pferd mit Ekzemen am Hals
After 6 weeks of treatment with SkinCare.
Braunes Pferd ohne Ekzem am Schweif nach 4-wöchiger Behandlung mit SkinCare Balsam von MagicBrush
Braunes Pferd ohne Ekzeme am Hals nach 4-wöchiger Behandlung mit SkinCare Balsam von MagicBrush
MagicBrush SkinCare Balm offers a variety of benefits that are specifically aimed at benefiting flaky or eczema-ridden horse skin and restoring skin balance. Here are the most important benefits based on the active ingredients mentioned:
MagicBrush Hautpflegebalsam SkinCare für Pferde
  1. Organic sulphur:
    • Improving hair texture: Organic sulphur can help to improve hair texture, which is particularly important when the skin is stressed by eczema or other problems.
    • Anti-inflammatory effect: Organic sulphur has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can alleviate skin problems and reduce inflammation.
  2. Carrot oil:
    • Rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene: Carrot oil is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, which can help to nourish and revitalise the skin.
    • Moisturising: The oil moisturises, which is particularly important for treating dry skin and soothing irritation and redness.
  3. Calendula oil:
    • Anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect: calendula oil has an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect, which can promote the healing of skin irritations and help to reduce redness.
    • Promotes wound healing: The oil supports wound healing and can therefore be beneficial for skin problems such as eczema.
  4. St John's Wort Oil:
    • Calming and regenerating effect: St. John's wort oil has a calming effect on the skin and can be particularly helpful for severely irritated or stressed skin, such as eczema.
In summary, the soothing and moisturising properties of these active ingredients can help the skin regenerate. The balm is recommended for all coat types with varying degrees of problem skin, including eczema, and can be used by applying it to the affected areas with a gentle massage. The MagicBrush SkinCare balm aims to balance the skin and improve the well-being of horses.