Raise your horse's well-being to a new level - with the MagicBrush horse salt shower starter set

Improve your horse's well-being with a revolutionary grooming innovation.

MagicBrush is all about horse health and care. Introducing the MagicBrush Horse Salt Shower Starter Set - a ground-breaking solution for your horse's skin care. Our unique salt shower utilises the power of natural sea salt to visibly improve the appearance of your horse's skin and enhance its well-being.

What are the benefits of salt showers for horses' skin?

Muschel mit Luftblasen The health and well-being of our horses is always our priority, especially when it comes to caring for their skin. Salt showers, an innovative method of horse care, utilise the natural properties of sea salt to promote and maintain healthy skin.

Salt properties

Seestern mit Luftblasen Our sea salt sticks, specially developed for the care of horses' skin, consist of a rich mixture of essential minerals. Sodium chloride, the main ingredient, is supplemented by essential minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. This combination, obtained from high-quality, naturally pure sea salt, promises optimum care for the sensitive skin of horses.

How can salt care for your horse's skin?

Schnecke mit Luftblasen Regular use of salt showers offers numerous benefits for your horse's skin:
  • Removal of old dander: Salt helps to gently remove dead skin cells, promotes skin renewal and contributes to a healthy coat.
  • Moisture retention: Due to its hydrating properties, salt can bind moisture to the skin, which is particularly beneficial for dry and flaky skin areas.
  • Profound effect: Salt is known for its ability to help with a wide variety of skin conditions. Just think of swimming in the sea on holiday when your skin is not intact. You will also have noticed that spending time in the sea improves the structure of the skin. You can expect the same from our salt shower.
  • Adapted salt concentration: The concentration of salt in our products is specially adapted to the moisturising needs of the horse's skin in order to avoid over- or undersupply.

Verpackung der Pferdemeersalzdusche
  • Natural sea salt sticks: Our salt shower comes with natural sea salt sticks that have been specially developed to bind moisture and excess oil on the horse's skin. These sticks contain valuable minerals that have a positive effect on skin function and its protective barrier, helping irritated skin to regenerate naturally.
  • Easy to use: The starter set includes an easy-to-use shower insert for the garden hose, so you can provide your horse with a refreshing and nourishing salt shower without effort and in just a few steps.
  • Support skin regeneration: The included sea salt sticks favour the regeneration of irritated, reddened and itchy skin in horses. Application over a longer period of time can even effectively prevent secondary symptoms of skin irritation, such as chafing.
  • Moisturising: The minerals in our salt sticks not only bind moisture and oil on the skin, but also promote a visible improvement in the skin's appearance.
  • Maximum water pressure: Our system is designed for a maximum water pressure of 4 bar to ensure optimum distribution and effect of the salt.

Recommendations for use:

Pferdesalzdusche Salzsticks und Magazin
The MagicBrush horse salt shower is very easy to use. Insert one or two sea salt sticks into the cartridge, connect it to a shower head and the water hose and you're ready to go. The contents dissolve in cold water within approx. 3 minutes, and a special reducer for the hose connection from 3/4" to 1/2" is already included in the scope of delivery.
Give your horse the care it deserves. With the MagicBrush horse salt shower starter set, you not only support the natural skin regeneration of your horse, but also contribute to a generally improved well-being. Discover the benefits of gentle and natural skin care for your horse.